NOVEL's NIBR College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Hospitality industry has been growing at a rapid pace in the last two decades. With globalization in the 1990s and present Government policies, the tourism and hospitality industry has been flourishing, opening up enormous possibilities of employment. Growth in airlines and cruise-liners to international five star properties, fast food chains and even industrial canteens has innumerable jobs with no corresponding human resources to fill them up. This clearly means an immense scope for well trained professionals. Not only that, authoring cookbooks, hosting culinary shows and training aspirants are the added highlights of this career.

Our own students who graduate from our campus are rigorously trained to match up to industry standards and we can say it with pride that they are able to get placements with good paymasters not just within the country but also abroad. Our alumni are working at mid and senior positions in Europe, U.S.A., South East Asia and the Middle East.