NOVEL's NIBR College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Prof. Vaibhav Phand



The hotel, hospitality and tourism industry is one of those sectors in the present global economy that have shown the most robust growth in the past couple of decades. An increased tendency to travel for pleasure as well as business, faster and greater information flow and cross cultural exposure has given great impetus to this industry. Think about how easliy and delightfully we now have access to cuisines from every corner of the globe, with every bit of information adding to our repertory of knowledge.

At NIBR's College of HM&CT, we envisage grooming students to excel in the art and craft of preparing, presenting, serving food as well as in managing the functional aspects of the industry. We have in place, every resource and infrastructure to accomplish this. Going a step further, we also make equal efforts for personality development, social sensitization and soft skills improvement of our students.

We ensure they receive the best quality inputs in hotel management and catering technology so that they can join the industry with complete confidence and add value to their work. We encourage our students not just to apply what they learn, but to experiment and innovate as this industry offers and unlimted canvas for creativity.

I look forward to having motivated young minds with us so that together, we can build a bright future for them.