NOVEL's NIBR College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Co-Curricular Activities

We believe in augmenting core academics with co-curricular activities that encourage participation from students and also involve industry experts.

Guest Leactures and Seminars: We delight in inviting veterans from the industry to share their insights and also our own alumni to share their experiences with students.

Workshop: Food industry is a highly sensory process and all about doing with your own hands. We regularly invite specialists to demonstrate their art so that students learn more by watching and participating.

Food Festivals: We take every opportunity to indulge in regional, international and specialized cuisine so that students get a feel of it. From Continental and Lebanese to traditional Indian, our food festivals are inspired events that student thoroughly enjoy.

Visits: Visits to restaurants, food processing plants, vineyards and farms are a regular feature that gives amazing insights and familiarizes students with the nuances of the subject.

World Toruism Day: NIBR celebrates World Tourism Day with panache and all students are involved in brining to life the cultures and cuisines of the world.

Library Day: We strongly promote the habit of reading as it is one of the most appealing gateways to knowledge. On Library Day we encourage students to read books, conduct discussion forums and debates and to learn to revere books as a lifelong support system of sorts.

Nirmitee: We invite students to design and dress up spaces be it a restaurant, kitchen or mobile food van to name some. This is an initiative with a difference as it actually induces the student to visualize his or her own space in the future, literally and figuratively