NOVEL's NIBR College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Novel Vocational Junior College

11th & 12th Catering & Food Product Technology (HSVC/MCVC)

The food processing industy in India is known as sunrise industry due to huge demand by people. Industrialization, urbanization and globalization increase the demand for ready-to eat and ready-to-cook food day-by-day. These foods have gained importance due to their delicious taste, attractive appearance and palatability. Especially bakery products are preferred by all age groups which has better shelf life. Most of the ready-to-eat food products are produced by unorganized sector which are mostly manually operated. Therefore the qualities of these products are not up to the mark of consumer's expectations. Hence the application of modern sophisticated technology with trained personnel is required to cater the needs of growing food processing industry. This syllabus deals with various aspects of food products technology. It also equips the students with industrial knolwdge and skills of producting Indian and international cuisines which aims at producing enterpreneurs and professionals in food products related industries.

General Objectives

  • -To create technical manpower required for bakery industry
  • -To prepare value added nutritionally rich food products
  • -To promote empolyment opportunity in food industry
  • -To develop enterpreneurial skills

The Students of Catering and Food Product Technology have tremendous Opportunities

  • -Run own fast food centre
  • -Run food service centre, bakery unit, canteen, mess, food preparation centre, snacks centre, food parlour
  • -Catering for various functions and gatherings
  • -Industial Canteens
  • -Food Point nearby market, school, offices etc
  • -Classes for cookery and bakery technoogy
  • -Establishing cottage scale industry

Course Outline

Standard 11th

  • -English
  • -Hindi
  • -General Foundation Course
  • -Bakery Technology
  • -Cookery Technology
  • -Indian Cuisines & Hygiene
  • -Environment Education
  • -Health Physical Education

Standard 12th

  • -English
  • -Hindi
  • -General Foundation Course
  • -Advance Bakery Technology
  • -Advance Cookery Technology
  • -Food Costing & International Cuisine
  • -Environment Education
  • -Health Physical Education

After 11th Standard final exam, students have to undergo 'Industrial Training' In food production department of any clasified hotel or in industrial kitchen for a peiod of 40 days.

After completion of training period student shall submit to the college:

  • -The training report
  • -Performance appraisal
  • -Training certificate