NOVEL's NIBR College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology


NIBR's College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology has a treasured set of full time as well as visiting faculty. Highly Qualified professionals with strong industry experience have been with us for long years, which reflects the deep mutual bond and common faith in ideology.

Class Mentor

At NIBR, Our relation with students goes way beyond the classrooms. We believe in the holistic well being of our students since it is imperative for them to become well balanced and competent professionals to be able to take on the challenges of the real world.

Every class hence has a class mentor who helps the students with their academic as well as personal issues. With several students staying away from their families for the first time, the class mentor is a parental figure they can resort to when they need. The mentor also maintains a detailed file of each student to monitor their progress and communicates the same to the parents at regular intervals.


Mental wellness is a vital aspect that determines the performance of the student. Since the students join us in their teens and are often miles away from home, they are likely to feel homesick or experience anxiety and stress. A qualified counselor interacts with them regularyly to reassure and guide them through this phase.

Soft Skills Trainer

NIBR is different in that it strives to care for issues beyond curriculum. We consider the student as an individual and strive to fill up those qualities that they may lack to make a successful career. Presentation and communication skills, fluency in language, etiquette are some of the important facets that impact the student's employment prospects, especially in the global scenario. We regularly conduct special soft skill training sessions by experts to groom them for this purpose.