NOVEL's NIBR College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology


Well Equipped Kitchens: Spacious kitchens, which include basic training kitchen, advance training kitchen and quantity training kitchen with bakery are at the disposal of the students for practical application of cooking techniques. Hygienic, safe, well ventilated and equipped with the latest tools, our kitchens become the playing field and shopfloor for budding chefs.

Restaurant with training facilities: Plating, presentation and interaction with guests plays an important role in restaurant business. A full fledged training restaurant on the premises allows students to practice their skills in a real life environment.

Mock Bar: A Well laid out display of spirits, latest accessories and equipments in the mock bar enables students to practise making cocktails and mixing various drinks with its presentation.

Housekeeping lab: Our housekeeping lab gives ample opportunity to students to get hands on training in bed making, upkeep of the room, flower arrangements, room designing, placing the amenities and supplies, and a lot more.

Front Office Lab: The front office lab creates the appropiate ambiance for mock interactions and role plays that helps students acquire communication skills for front office functions like guest registration, guest billing, guest complaint handling and liaising with all the other internal departments.

Communication Lab: Hospitality industry relies heavily on good communication skills. While languages form an integral part of the curriculum, we have a communication lab where students are trained by experts and with audio-visual aids, role plays and workshops to communicate fluently with guests.

Computer Lab: State of the art computers, printers and software with wi-fi facility ensure that students get adequate exposure to IT tools and internet technology to complement learning.

Library: No academic institution is complete without a well stocked library. The NIBR library has more than 2500 volumes and 1000 titles, reference materials, subscription to international and national magazines, project reports, training reports, videos and CDs in subjects relevant to academic content. Students are encouraged to avail of the facility freely.


  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Assistance for education loan
  • Dedicated training & placement cell
  • Global Internships in UK & US with reputed hospitality partners
  • Complimentary 'Art of Living' & 'Personality Development' Courses


  • Rooms Division
  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Computers
  • Languages
  • Management