NOVEL's NIBR College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Mr. Amit Gorkhe


Novel Group of Institutes

(National Youth Awardee-2012 Government of India)

Novel Group of Institutes was incepted with the sole objective of making quality education accessible to our young generation. An initiative in the educational field becomes a tool for empowerment which has a deeper and wider impact on society in the long run. We started building a strong foundation with primary education, going on to undergraduate and post graduate studies. The start of NIBR's College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology was one such important step in catering an opportunity for our young girls and boys to train in the professional field and to embark on a successful career. Our focus has always been on content rich education fortified by pertinent industry exposure so that the archetypal chasm between education and industry expectations does not occur in the first place.

Food industry as a part of the hospitality industry is growing at exponential rate worldwide and our youngsters have immence scope to hone their talents in this area. We, at NIBR's College of HM&CT fully recognize this and intend to leave no stone unturned to give our students every tool, resources and opportunity to elarn and excel. In that sense, we have a lot on our plate to accomplish as our vision for the future.

I congratulate parents who appreciate the aptitude of the children and help them choose this as their career path. When you recognize your calling and pursue it with passion, success, money and most importantly happiness are sure to follow. I am sure all our young students at NIBR's College of HM&CT will evolve into highly competent professionals and responsible global citizens who will make the world a better place.